N.Y. Photo Curator Call for Entry: 'Monsters' with curator Anne Eder.
Deadline to enter January 31, 2018.

Eder says, "Teratology. Cryptozoology. Therianthropy. All of these terms are related to the study of monsters. Monsters are at once foreign and familiar, and they take on a good deal of cultural work, reflecting back to us our own monstrous side as well as representing “otherness”. Protectors or destroyers, they elicit reflection on the complexities of our nature. The notion of a monster is open to construal, and is often a response to dealing with archetypal fears---fears of an uncontrollable natural world, of science, change, contagion, or the repressed self. These may manifest as fantastical or mythological creatures or the word “monster” may be metaphorically applied to humans capable of terrible evil. 
As a society, we consume monster-centric media in mass quantities, from volumes of fairy tales to horror flicks to serial killers presented on screen and in podcasts. From Totoro to Pan’s Labyrinth, be they gentle or malicious, monsters demonstrate a broad and intensely creative diversity of form, and there is a rich art historical archive of images and sculpture dating back centuries and reaching across cultural boundaries. As artists frequently find themselves in the position of channeling our darkest imagination, it comes as no surprise that this has included visual exploration of the concept of the monstrous.
This is a CALL FOR ALL MONSTERS, whatever your interpretation of that may be! I can’t wait to see these entries!

Anne Eder is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Philadelphia. She holds an MFA in Photography and Integrated Media from Lesley University College of Art and Design where she studied with Christopher James and has been employed as an adjunct professor. Eder teaches courses in alternative and material processes in photography and in interdisciplinary projects, and will be joining the roster of educators at Harvard University and at Penumbra Foundation in NYC this spring. She is also a reviewer for Lensculture.
“Her work encompasses photography, sculpture, and installation and has deep roots in folklore and fairy tales, taking a numinous approach to the natural world. She has a keen interest in the role of nature in the development of our core mythologies, and in the cultural significance of monsters in our literature and media. Her practice includes a commitment to the creation of public art and she has long been an advocate for increased arts access. No slouch at monster making herself, her creatures and interactive installations have been on view in a range of venues, from galleries to public parks to shopping centers. Images have been exhibited internationally and are held in both public and private collections. Curator Susan Bright presented her work this year at Unseen Amsterdam Photo Festival and at the Phoenix Art Museum. She has won numerous competitions for alternative photographic processes resulting in exhibitions including Texas Photographic Society, Soho Photo Gallery/NYC, Arts Intersection/AZ, LOOK15 / Liverpool, UK, The Griffin Museum of Photography/ Boston and the Halide Project / Philadelphia.
She has been awarded a Natalie Leaf Foundation Fellowship for Education in Arts, Crafts, and Trades, a solo exhibition in the Delaware State Building, and her series 10 Green Gums With Monsters is featured, along with an interview about her practice, in Gum Printing: A Step-By- Step Manual Highlighting Artists And Their Creative Practice, by Christina Z. Anderson, published in 2016. She cofounded and managed the Philadelphia artist cooperatives, Gallery X, and performance venue, The Space.
She currently lives in Boston making monsters, writing fairy tales, and catering to her fabulous chihuahua, The Brain.
Link to The Poetry of the Surface: Craftsmanship and Materiality in Photography

20% of artist fees go to charity. 10% to the curator's charity and 10% to the first place winner's charity.

Eder chooses the Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia as her charity. She says,  "Their mission statement really resonates with me and no matter where I live, Philly will always be home and will always be scrapping and needing all the help it can get. 
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