N.Y. Photo Curator Results
‘The Window’ curated by Deb Schwedhelm 

"To everyone that submitted to the N.Y. Photo Curator ‘The Window’ submission, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being brave, putting your work out there, and trusting me as your curator. It has been an honor to review the submitted images and I took each and every submission into great consideration. There were so many really fantastic images making it difficult to select a handful of top images, as instructed by Laurie.
It was awesome to see how each artist chose to interpret the window theme — so many creative ideas and approaches resulting in a diverse group of images for me to review. As I scrolled through the images, I considered both technique and artistry.  Did the image stop me, pull me in, have me asking questions in some way, make me want to see more? If so, I looked deeper, further exploring the technique, approach, artistry, and emotion of the image. 
THIS IS IMPORTANT — If you were not selected, please, please do not be discouraged! I am one person with one opinion. Always believe in yourself and the art the you are making. Whether “chosen” or not, let this fuel you to make new art and submit more. Know that we are all on our own unique journey as artists and with successes, there are also plenty of opportunities for learning and growth along the way. Whether a little stumble or a full-on fall, get up, brush yourself off and keep moving forward. You’ve got this! Enjoy your journey, friends and again, I thank you for taking the time to submit.
Last but not least, a special thank you to Laurie, for having me and trusting my judgement. It has been an absolute pleasure and an honor."
10% of artist entry fees goes to the charity of the curator. Schwedhelm says, "The charity I have chosen to donate to is Project Helping Hands, an International organization that sends volunteers to provide medical care and health education for people in developing nations. This April, I will be participating as a volunteer nurse on a trip to help the people in the rural mountain villages of Peru."

Another 10% will go to the first place winner's charity. Michael Rababy has chosen the Los Angeles Center of Photography. https://lacphoto.org/lacp/