Theme: 'Urban Landscapes'

Curator: Steven Benson

Steven Benson says, "When I think of urban landscapes, what comes to mind is a landscape that does not feel ‘natural’. The photographs could refer to the built environment in myriad ways. The images could represent human interaction with the land on a grand scale such as public parks and urban sprawl or the interaction could have more of a private quality like someone’s backyard.  I’m always interested in opportunities like this exhibition to see new work."

First Place: C.E. Morse- PIT 79
Benson says, "This extraordinary photograph, PIT 79, by C.E Morse is a complex image designed to be interpreted in myriad ways.  The quality of the light helps to define the shapes creating a strong sense of presence.  At first glance the scale of the subject is illusive. An aerial view of a gravel pit seems to convey an organic quality – like looking at cells through a microscope. The upper area of the subject is also reminiscent of fossilized coral (Petosky Stones on the Lake Michigan shoreline) and the lower area takes on the character of a Trilobite related invertebrate. It’s not until the viewer recognizes the tracks from the bulldozers that we realize the scale of the subject.
The photograph is the result of a collaborative process with anonymous participants who are unaware they are part of an artmaking effort.  The bulldozer operators at the gravel pit do not consider reshaping the face of the Earth as a creative endeavor.  The photographer incorporates the actions of others into their image making.  We generally don’t think of fill dirt as beautiful.  C.E. Morse transforms it into compelling images that holds our attention.  Margaret Bourke-White talked about industrial related locations as not designed to be beautiful but has evolved an inherent beauty waiting to be discovered."
Second Place: Simon Lund – Pigeons 2
Benson says, "The striking use of the vertical panorama format draws the viewer into the image.  It is a powerful use of the frame lined with buildings on the viewers right and left broken by the presents of the pigeons at the bottom of the image.  The buildings are static and the pigeons are temporary leading the viewer to consider our relationship to time and space."
Best Series: Christos Palios
Benson says, "The series of images by Christos Palios depict unused buildings isolated in vistas of open land.  We see the skeletons of haunting structures. It is not clear if the buildings were once used and abandoned or were they never completed.  The answer can’t be found in the photographs.  We do know they aren’t being occupied now!  What happened is left for the viewer to speculate.  They are very quiet images like memento moirés."
Honorable Mentions:
Benson says, "I selected particular images that stood out to me.  You will notice there is a variety of approaches to Urban Landscape.  Strong images tend to have a tightly weaved combination of internal and external – the photographer’s vision and the subject selected.  What intrigues me are photographs that ask questions about the environments we build and the society that has shaped our experience of urban life."
Linda Briskin – Fenetre 1,
Dennis Church – Fort Meyers, Florida 2021 (4),
Danielle Towers – Touch 2,
Philip Ringler – This Exhibit is Closed 001,
Prescott Lassman – Freehand,
Timothy Kennedy – Police 21,
Carole Glauber – Urban Pool Jerusalem
Don Agnello - Casualty
5% of artist entry fees goes to the charity of the curator. Steven Benson has chosen Snap! Orlando.
Another 5% will go to the first place winner's choice of charity. 
C.E. Morse has chosen the Pope Memorial Humane Society in Maine.