N.Y. Photo Curator Results

Theme:  'Origin Stories: Personal Cosmologies' curated 
by Granville Carroll  
Jurying Process Reflection from Granville Carroll-
"Looking at all the work was inspiring. I am thankful for everyone who submitted and shared their visual stories with me and others to experience. Choosing the selected images was difficult. Each person provided a unique perspective on their origin story. I went through the submissions many times over. My selections came from the images I returned to most often.  Carefully reviewing the image for what it presented in terms of narrative, possibility, composition, aesthetics, and process. I found that the images that stood out to me the most were the ones that provoked questions that I couldn’t find the answer for. These images pushed me beyond the limits of knowing, which I thoroughly enjoy. The selected images all have abstract components that opened my imagination. They pulled me into their unique worlds of fantasy, of loss, and of finding oneself. I was greeted with the unexpected which resulted in a desire to unravel the subjective truths of the creator; a process in which I am continuing to examine and reflect on.
The sheer amount of talent and thoughtfulness in each submission stunned me. I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from new artists and explore their practice. I do not take it lightly that these individuals shared their vulnerable parts of themselves with me and the world. Thank you to all for sharing your stories and I look forward to seeing how they continue to blossom and unfold."
First Place- Ally Campbell, “A Time Machine”
Second Place
Ally Christmas, “First Day”
Third Place
Eric Afflerbach, Poking, Prodding, Seeking
Honorable Mentions
Jennifer Esneault, “Ugly”
Norman Aragones, “Family”
Rebecca Sexton Larson, “Lost”
10% of artist entry fees goes to the charity of the curator. Carroll has chosen the 
First Exposure Youth Photography Progam https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MTMwNzQ1

Another 10% will go to the first place winner's choice of charity. Ally Campbell chose Women Photograph.