Honorable Mentions: Vanja Karas: Awakenings, Yelena Zhavoronkova: Behind the Scenes One & Elizabeth Hogeman; Temporary Arrangement No12
N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions: Vanja Karas: Awakenings,  Yelena Zhavoronkova: Behind the Scenes One & Elizabeth Hogeman; Temporary Arrangement No12  (Click on image for larger view)
AWAKENINGS by Vanja Karas
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Vanja Karas says, "My artistic practice in the broadest terms explores the nature of transience and impermanence as the core of our existence but also the cyclic conception of time and its broad recurrent patterns. Ultimately my work is attempting to depict the cyclical nature of something that is forever different but ultimately always the same. In my practice I work in space, in print and on screen."

Vanja Karas creates works of conceptual vivacity, beauty, and emotional poignancy. Her thought-provoking and richly visual work often revisits the major motifs of the old masters and still life and translates them for the modern world. She explores the timeless themes of life, death, transience, the irrevocable passing of time and the constant interplay of memory and immediacy. 

She is interested in altering perspectives and in turn opens the idea of existence and reflection within her work: the ordinary sits alongside the surreal, demanding our renewed participation and creating a lingering sense of what is beyond. In her work, Vanja often explores in her work the ambiguous symbolic significance of birds across cultures and history, and the way they universally relate to both life and death. 

On the one hand, birds are  commonly associated with life, freedom, fertility and longevity. On the other they are seen as spirit bearers of the dead or premonitions of impending calamity and death. As a form of Jungian archetype, birds reflect a fundamental aspect of human nature—the denial of death as finality through a desire for renewal, transformation, and rebirth. 

Karas is a Belgrade-born, London based Artist, Curator, Designer and Creative Director. She graduated from the University of Arts in Belgrade, followed by an MA from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and King’s College London. Vanja began her creative career in theatre directing, and from there moved on to work in a range of other visual arts media including film, video, multimedia, graphic design and print.

In recent years her work has been focused mainly on site-specific installations, photography, conceptual art and most recently textile design. She has followed her MA  by studying photography at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design and International College of Photography, New York.

Vanja has exhibited her work world-wide in UK, Japan, USA, Italy, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Germany, France, Spain and Serbia – including the 56th and 57th Venice Biennale (Italy), Les Rencontres d’Arles (France), Royal Academy of Arts (UK), Institute of Contemporary Arts ICA (UK), Somerset House (UK), Mall Galleries (UK), The Photographers’ Gallery (UK), Association of Photographers (UK), Royal College of Arts (UK), Royal Overseas League (UK), Chelsea Arts Club (UK), CHART Gallery (UK), Mercers Hall (UK), Tobacco Docks (UK), National Portrait Gallery (UK), Tate online (UK), Turner Contemporary (UK), Q-Park Car Park (UK), Vout-O-Reenee’s (UK), The Hall of Awa Museum (Tokushima, Japan), New Orleans Photo Alliance (USA), Palazzo Ducale Cantelmo, (Italy), Galerie Huit (Arles, France), China House, (Malaysia), Alliance Francaise (Malaysia), Siddhartha Art Gallery (Kathmandu, Nepal), New Moment (Belgrade, Serbia).

Her work has been published in books and magazines and commissioned for a number of private, public, museum and corporate collections including: Swiss Re (the Gherkin), St Mary’s Hospital, Hotel du Vin, Malmaison Hotels and a number of De Vere Venues including 1 Westferry Circus.

Earlier this year one of Vanja’s artworks sold for £10,000, the highest sale of the evening, at an auction at RBS City of London Headquarters. Auctioned by Colin Sheaf, of Bonhams, in aid of Art for Grenfell and the survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster. Some of the other contributing artists included: Gilbert and George, Boy George, Sue Tilley, Zandra Rhodes, Will Alsop and Darren Coffield.

Vanja also works as an Creative / Art Director and Curator. She is the Founder and Curator of the Photography Open Salon, (Arles, London and South-East Asia) which ran alongside the renowned Les Rencontres d’Arles photography festival and which has since its inception in 2011 exhibited over 200 photographers on two continents and published three award winning books. 

She is on the Photography Open Salon judging panel. Vanja is also the Founder and Creative Director of Magenta Grove London, an Award Winning London based design studio.

N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions: Vanja Karas: Awakenings,  Yelena Zhavoronkova: Behind the Scenes One & Elizabeth Hogeman; Temporary Arrangement No12  (Click on image for larger view)
BEHIND THE SCENES ONE by Yelena Zhavoronkova
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Yelena Zhavoronkova says of her series, "Behind the Scenes', "Working on the still life compositions could be exciting process, but it’s also a time consuming and tedious job.

Even if you are already imagined the final composition in your mind millions of times, and what is left is just a quick set up and a click. The endless adjustments, changes of the objects, backgrounds, levels, lights, the list could go on and on. You are moving around, moving everything around.

The pile of worked out and discarded parts is growing and growing. But sometimes you notice, right in the middle of those “left-overs,” something new–a fresh spark of light, an interesting turn of shape, unexpected bright color–and another round of inspiration starts its turn and another story wants to be told."

Yelena Zhavoronkova is a California based Fine Art Photographer and Graphic Designer. She received a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from the St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Industry, Russia, and has worked as a graphic designer for over three decades.

Over the past decade Yelena has been intensively studying and working in photography, which helps her to express her artistic vision. Yelena’s projects are simultaneously very personal and universal in nature, speaking to the viewers on an intimate level that is familiar to all. 

Since 2010 her projects were exhibited in de Young Museum of Arts in San Francisco, City Hall of San Francisco and RayKo Photo Center of San Francisco; Blue Sky Gallery and LightBox Gallery in Oregon; and many other galleries around the United States and in Europe.

Her works were published in the online edition of The New Yorker magazine, featured in Shutterbug magazine and Transformation literary journal, among others. As a part of the Indie Photobook Library Collection Yelena’s “Memories in Red” book is included in the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University. 

Yelena’s Archival Digital, Silver Gelatin and Platinum/Palladium prints are the part of many private collections and institutions in USA and in Europe. Currently she represented by the Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna, Austria and Corden|Potts Gallery, San Francisco, CA.


“Still Life” Group Show, A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX. Juried by Kate Breakley “SEEING RED” Group Show, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, CA. Juried by Ann Jastrab.
“HOLIDAY Selections,” Gallery Artists Group Show, Corden|Potts Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"Summer Selections," Gallery Artists Group Show, Corden|Potts Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Top 200 "2017 Critical Mass" Finalist. International Competition by Photolucida, Portland, OR
"Here, Part II: FINE LINES AND OTHER FICTIONS," Curated by Renny Pritikin of Contemporary Jewish Museum. Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
"Alternative Process Photography," Juried by Mark Nelson, Max Kellenberger, & The Image Flow. The Image Flow Gallery, Mill Valley, CA
"Davis Orton Gallery 8th Annual Photobook Show," Juried by Paula Tognarelli and Karen Davis. Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY and Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA
"Tree Talk," Juried by Paula Tognarelli. Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA.
"Fairy Tales and Nuclear Bombs, Lightbox Photography Gallery, Astoria, OR
Photo Alliance "Our World" Portfolio Review Participant, San Francisco, CA
"Black and White," Juried by Ann Jastrab. The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
Top 200 "2016 Critical Mass" Finalist. International Competition by Photolucida, Portland, OR
  "Something Personal," APA San Francisco 19th Annual Show, San Francisco, CA
  "It’s All in the Details," PWP group show, New York, NY
  "Alternative Process Photography," Juried by Brian Taylor, Kerik Kouklis, & The Image Flow. The Image Flow Gallery, Mill Valley, CA.
"OLD," Juried by Ann Jastrab. A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX
  "Handmade III," Platinum/Palladium Prints, "Grana" Collection, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna, Austria
  "Davis Orton Gallery 2nd Annual Group Show," Juried by Paula Tognarelli. Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY.

N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Honorable Mentions: Vanja Karas: Awakenings,  Yelena Zhavoronkova: Behind the Scenes One & Elizabeth Hogeman; Temporary Arrangement No12  (Click on image for larger view)
TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT NO. 12 by Elisabeth Hogeman
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Elisabeth Hogeman says of her series, 'Temporary Arrangement' consists of a series of propositional domestic spaces. 

Each tableau is created through the process of photographing pictures stacked on top of pictures, moving back and forth between the studio (with sun, dust, shadows) and the digital canvas (flat, selectable, scalable).

I am interested in the differences between inhabiting physical and virtual space and how this relates to picturing space."
Elisabeth Hogeman is a Chicago-based visual artist working in photography, collage, and video to consider conventions of still life.

Her practice seeks the slow excavation of domestic subjects through repetition and variation. She received her MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Chicago and her BA in Studio Art and English Literature from the University of Virginia.

Her projects have been supported by the Versailles Foundation, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the Arts, Science & Culture Initiative at the University of Chicago, where she currently works as a part-time lecturer in photography. 


Elisabeth Hogeman has previously exhibited still image work with the Flak Photo Midwest Print Show, the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Michigan, and EXPO CHICAGO, and has has participated in screenings in Chicago at Mana Contemporary, Roots & Culture, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.