HONORABLE MENTIONS:Carol Eisenberg 'Undercurrents 05', Dean and Laura Larson 'Carry That Weight', Kevin Lyle 'There Not There 13488', Lynda Fay Braun 'A Beautiful Morning' & Dianne Yudelson 'Sunday Contemplation '
N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS:Carol Eisenberg 'Undercurrents 05', Dean and Laura Larson  'Carry That Weight', Kevin Lyle 'There Not There 13488', Lynda Fay Braun 'A Beautiful Morning' & Dianne Yudelson 'Sunday Contemplation '
UNDERCURRENTS 05 by Carol Eisenberg
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Carol Eisenberg says, "My compositions begin with originally sourced imagery selected from photographs I shoot in my studio, on my travels, and on location near my homes in Maine and Tel Aviv. From these wildly diverse components (pastoral and urban), I construct digital images that blur the line between painting and photography.

This duality of aesthetics is an essential component of my approach to art and life. I am drawn to the polarities of beauty and decay, the contrived and the natural, the excessive and the elegant … juxtapositions that are palpable in these water-bound floral landscapes, whose obsessive structure[s], according to author and poet Claire Raymond, appear textural and of the surface but are grounded by a mysterious, pervasive sense of depth.

These photographic assemblages, she notes, make the visible world a submerged secret place that is somehow emerging through a fabric of light into visibility."

Carol Eisenberg has been a practicing photographer since the 1990’s. She was an active participant in 1970’s second-wave feminism and, as such, principles of inclusion, equality and justice inform her work. 

Eisenberg received an MFA in Media Studies and Photography from Maine Media College in Rockport ME. 

Her work, which is in both public and private collections nationwide, has been the subject of recent solo exhibitions at the Maine Jewish Museum in Portland ME and Carver Hill Gallery in Camden, ME … as well as recent group exhibitions at Cove Street Arts in Portland ME, The Southeast Center for Photography in Greenville SC, The Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester MA, Photo Place Gallery in Middlebury VT,  The Curated Fridge, New York Center for Photographic Art in NYC, Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Denver CO and the LC Bates Museum in Fairfield ME.

Her work has been featured in Décor Maine, Maine Arts Journal, and the Portland Press Herald.  Complete CV on website.

WEBSITE: www.caroleisenberg.com
IG: @carol_eisenberg.com
EMAIL: carolclick1@gmail.com
N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS:Carol Eisenberg 'Undercurrents 05', Dean and Laura Larson  'Carry That Weight', Kevin Lyle 'There Not There 13488', Lynda Fay Braun 'A Beautiful Morning' & Dianne Yudelson 'Sunday Contemplation '
CARRY THAT WEIGHT by Dean and Laura Larson
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In this series of photo based montages, Dean and Laura Larson explore the imagined life of animal/hybrid creatures in their own fully developed world where they can view themselves as the subject in a rich pageantry of experiences.

In this world they have authority, conjure snake medicine, discuss issues of importance and mourn the loss of their own kind. Within these digitally manipulated images the format is vertical in order to explore the AXIS MUNDI concept: above, middle (or axis) and below.

As a collaborative team, Dean sets the “mise en scene” developing layered images from their travels to Europe and here in America. When the surreal landscape has been created, Laura then selects the animal hybrid(s) that will best suit the feeling of the landscape. The feeling elicits a story for the viewer to ponder. Sometimes she combines her own sculpted animal heads with other sculpted bodies in iconic poses in order to achieve an action that references cultural history.

Los Angeles art critic and curator Mat Gleason writes:  "In a fraught ecological moment, artists Dean and Laura Larson  look beyond the peril our species face and see the connectedness of the planet as a worthy subject. When one species is threatened are we not all threatened?

Laura sculpts exquisite bronzes of animals, displayed as sculpture in their own fine art context. Dean is a world class photographer, shooting and exhibiting since digital photography was a dream reserved for those sniffing the darkroom chemicals.

The two artists, masters of their individual media, collaborate as a stance that caring about the earth may be the only way to save it.

The result of this collaboration is a new type of Surrealism. The Larson brand of Surrealism does not illustrate dystopian psychological strife. Since that is how the present reality appears to people more and more each day, to be surreal in contemporary times is to portray a world of hope, a world where no species is under the threat of imminent immolation.

These works imagine a different avenue for humanity to take. They implore a collective investment in the imagination of what we know to be real and what we can manifest as the real world we want to live in."

Dean and Laura live in Los Angeles and have both shown extensively over the course of their 35 year marriage. Dean has taught photography for 3 decades while maintaining a freelance photography career. Laura has been exhibiting since 1980 including 7 Public Art commissions. 

As a collaborative team they have shown regularly in galleries and museums  such as the Fine Arts Building Los Angeles, Riverside Art Museum, Museum of Art and History (MOAH) in Lancaster, California.

Recent Collaboration Highlights:
2021 - "Scribes", Roswell Space Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2021 - PhotoNostrum Magazine article, July, 2021
2018 - "The Council Gathers in Time", LAAA Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
2017 - "A Journey in Time Part 2" , Fine Arts Building Los Angeles
2016 - "A Journey in Time", Fine Arts Building Los Angeles
Upcoming: 2022 - "Let Me Talk", Brand Library Gallery, Curated by Jill Sykes and Ada Brown
2023 - Collaboration Retrospective at MOAH:Cedar, Lancaster, CA

Website:  www.larsonart.net
Contact:  rdeanlarson@gmail.com

All images are for sale.

All images are 12"x29" and are heat infused aluminum panels, ready to hang. 
Limited edition of 10 each
$1000 each
Signed on back
Contact: Laura Larson - lauralinnlarson@gmail.com
Dean Larson  - rdeanlarson@gmail.com
N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS:Carol Eisenberg 'Undercurrents 05', Dean and Laura Larson  'Carry That Weight', Kevin Lyle 'There Not There 13488', Lynda Fay Braun 'A Beautiful Morning' & Dianne Yudelson 'Sunday Contemplation '
THERE NOT THERE 13488 by Kevin Lyle
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Kevin Lyle says, "As long as I can remember, I've been curious about incidental objects and environments and their potential for a sort of extraordinary/ordinary beauty. I find this quality in the work of photographer Eugene Atget, composer Erik Satie and singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie. These great artists are a constant source of inspiration.

My process is fueled by an innate hunter/gatherer impulse. Most of my images are collected within walking distance of my home on Chicago's north side. Contemplative wandering in the urban analog world, away from the preponderance of drama delivered digitally via television and the Internet, reveals evidence of real life - evidence of what may be, may have happened or may yet occur. Sometimes mundane, sometimes oblique, askew or atypical. Mostly overlooked, until documented.

I am, for the most part, self taught. I first became interested in art around the age of 12. Art class became the most interesting part of school. After high school I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art for one semester before realizing that art school was not for me at that time.

After moving to Chicago my first job turned into a career in computers and systems management and I did little or no art for many years. I've always had an inclination to collect. Collecting African masks and the process of photographing them for documentary purposes led to a broader interest in photography. When I began going for long walks to search for photographic material I soon realized the exercise and fresh air were an added bonus to this pursuit of collecting images."

Recent Exhibitions:
09/2021 - We Like Small Things 4 - Juror Oriana Koren - Filter Space - Chicago IL

08/2021 - The Streets - Juror Layne Kennedy - Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN

07/2021 - Minimalist Photography Awards 2021 - Open Category 

07/2021 - Open Theme / Unbound - Juror Crista Dix - A Smith Gallery - Johnson City TX

05/2021 - The Beauty In Madness - Juror Sarah Weiss - Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN

05/2021 - Letters, Numbers & Symbols - Juror Dallas Crow - Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN

05/2021 - Odyssey 2021 - Juror Stephanie Lisle - Pennsylvania Center for Photography - Doylestown PA

05/2021 - Mercy Of The Moon - Juror Kevin Tully - A Smith Gallery - Johnson City TX

04/2021 - The Found Object - Juror Elizabeth Flinsch - Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN

02/2021 - The Abstract Image - Juror Aline Smithson - Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN

12/2020 - After Dark - Juror Lance Keimig - Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN - Honorable Mention

11/2020 - All About Photo Magazine 13 - Shapes - Juror Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

11/2020 - The Shape of Things - Juror Ross Anderson - Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN

09/2020 - Making Strange - Juror Douglas Beasley - Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN

08/2020 - Minimalist Photography Awards 2020 - Street Category, 2nd Place. 

08/2020 - The Shadow Aspect - Juror Ross Anderson - Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN

07/2020 - Vicinity 2020 - Juror Jennifer Murray - Perspective Gallery, Evanston IL 

03/2020 - The Poetry of the Ordinary - Juror Sarah Sudhoff - PhotoPlace Gallery - Middlebury VT

Image for Sale-

There Not There 13488 - 19" x 13"
Ilford Gold Fiber Silk archival paper
$300 unframed
Open Edition
Signed on back
Contact: Kevin Lyle


IG: @klyle2006



N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS:Carol Eisenberg 'Undercurrents 05', Dean and Laura Larson  'Carry That Weight', Kevin Lyle 'There Not There 13488', Lynda Fay Braun 'A Beautiful Morning' & Dianne Yudelson 'Sunday Contemplation '
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Lynda Fay Braun says, "In these images, I feel that I am not altering reality, but finding interesting elements and coaxing them forward. I am not inventing the colors, but coaxing  previously hidden, but inherent, color out.

My tools are an iPhone 11, and the latest update of Photoshop. 

To these I bring a lifetime of looking at the world with a painter's eye. By that I mean, looking without naming, and observing the physical world in terms of line, shape and color.  I consistently find patterns and order in the seeming chaos.

My eye is always working, discovering balance and beauty, preferably in a new and surprising way.
The way I see it, my role as an artist is to create a sense of wonder. I am not much interested in looking at what is an obvious reality. In the processes I employ, natural elements become purely line, and abstraction, through which there is evoked human emotions.

Like meditation, with my camera in hand, I have a daily photo practice that connects me deeply with nature. When I focus the camera on a moment in time that catches my eye and click the shutter, Im saying ‘Thank you’, not only for the existence of what I just photographed, but for life itself."

Lynda brings to her artwork the sensibility developed from years of meditation and a year spent in India. Finding order and beauty in the chaos of life is what drives all her artistic research. She explores the phenomena of dynamic fluidity, ranging from the rhythmic flow of water, wind and light to her experience of rhythm in dance. This quest has taken Lynda’s process from the production of large-format paintings to the current photo-based digital prints.

Ms Braun spent her early years between the rugged environment of the Adirondacks and the museums of New York City. A natural attraction toward the ineffable combined with an affinity towards nature and an independent spirit compelled her to seek a life in art. After undergraduate studies at Cooper Union School of Art and an MFA in Painting from Cornell University, Lynda was awarded a residency at the Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM. There she continued a mentorship with contemporary artist Agnes Martin, who is well-known for her spiritual minimalist grid paintings and drawings composed of horizontal and vertical lines, a relationship that began while Braun was a Fine Art student receiving an MFA from Cornell University and continued until Martin’s passing.

Lynda’s work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions around the U.S. Her paintings and prints are in numerous corporate, and public collections including Neiman Marcus Collection, The Ritz Carlton Collection, von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL, and Cornell University Permanent Collection. 


RFOTOFOLIO SELECTIONS, LensBaby Award, curated by Constance and Jerry Rosenthal, 2019
DEPTH OF FIELD Center for Fine Art Photography, Carmel, CA, 2017
SERENITY, LA Curator International competition, curated by Wendi Schneider, 2019 
SUMMER EXHIBITION, Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, 2018
DEDICATION AND PURPOSE, curated by Joanne Mattera, online, 2020
BEST FOOT FORWARD, curated by Joanne Mattera online,2020
ART DURING THE PANDEMIC, curated by Joanne Mattera, online ,2020
LUNIMUS, solo exhibition,Norris Center Art Gallery, Naples, FL 2020
UPRIVER, solo exhibition,  Collier Government Center, Naples, FL,2019
SMART START, Cheryl McGinnis, featured artist , 2019
ARTISTS IN BLOOM, Naples Botanical Garden, curated by Lauren Amalia Redding, 2021 
NATURAL SELECTIONS, photography, United Art Council, Naples, Fl, juried by Jack O'Brien, 2021
YOUR DAILY PHOTOGRAPHY, Duncan Miller, online, 2020
SEEING THE UNSEEN, Atlantic Gallery, NYC, NY curated by Judith Kruger, 2020
CONFLUENCE, 2 person, in conjunction with workshop, EXERCISE FOR THE QUIET EYE, Annie Storr, 2018
THE WONDER SALON, Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM, 2010

2020 Luminus, Norris Center Art Gallery, Naples, FL 
2018 Smart Start, Cheryl McGinnis, featured artist 
2018 Upriver, Collier Government Center, Naples, FL 
2017 Lely Cultural Center, Lely, FL 
2016 Upriver, Rookery Bay Estuary Research Center Art Gallery 
2015 Canfield Brown Associates, Naples FL 


A Beautiful Morning
16 x 12” 
100%Rag Paper
Limited edition of 20
signed on back
$200 unframed



N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' HONORABLE MENTIONS:Carol Eisenberg 'Undercurrents 05', Dean and Laura Larson  'Carry That Weight', Kevin Lyle 'There Not There 13488', Lynda Fay Braun 'A Beautiful Morning' & Dianne Yudelson 'Sunday Contemplation '
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Dianne Yudelson says, of her series, “The Visitation”, "I am perplexed by the mainstream cultural portrayal of cemeteries as dark, haunting, macabre places to fear--home to vampires and ghouls. 

My experience represents a complete contrast to this mainstream depiction. I have always been drawn to the quiet tranquility of the cemetery.

Even as a child, I felt reverence for the lives that the graveyard represents. Today, I am filled with respect for the innocence of the lives cut short and the wisdom of the agéd, and I acknowledge that those who have lived and loved before me have created the world I now inhabit.

Visiting a cemetery evokes a sense of wonder about the lives of those who have passed. What were their fleeting pleasures, private perils, lessons learned and guarded secrets? Who were their heroes and what did they dedicate themselves to on earth? Our cemeteries represent not only our families, but also soldiers, nurses, teachers, lovers, philosophers, artists and innocent victims.  Combined, they represent our ancestral humanity
These images are part of a larger series of photographs. With this series I bring my personal vision of the cemetery to life.  From the simple beauty of the veteran’s grave marker to the ornate marble architecture of historic mausoleums, I respectfully render the cemetery, bathed in beautiful light, with the presence of loved ones and unsung heroes."
Dianne Yudelson is an award winning photographic artist. Her images have been published in over 50 countries on 6 continents. Dianne’s work has been exhibited in Spain, France, Scotland, Georgia, Malaysia, Germany, Thailand, and throughout the United States. Her honors include Photographer of the Year from Black and White Spider Awards, International Color Awards, and World Photography Gala Awards.
“I embrace the challenge of exploring varied forms of expression. When inspiration lays a new path before me, I gladly take a detour. I am motivated to create by the hope of evoking emotion that continues to resonate across time.”