N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' SECOND PLACE: RACHEL DICKSON 'Puncture'
PUNCTURE by Rachel Dickson
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Rachel Dickson says, "Our tongues spit words, and soak in saliva like a sponge. Our eyes believe the refracted imagery of our daily lives, while pupils expand at night for fear of miscalculating its features. When hearts feel crusted in dry paint, brains recollect the memories put to rest. They dissect and forage new from the already solidified. It takes and borrows, and reconfigures a falsity that can’t be proven.

My work often serves as the replication of memory, the opportunity to legitimize and give physicality to moments that continue to linger. A narrative is fabricated with a collaboration of photographs, installation, and video.

Each piece of the narrative informs the other and is left open ended, thus dissolving associations the viewer can make permanent. Nothing is completely divulged. While my mind collapses, expands, and attempts to restructure its happenings, I make sense of them through my process.

With constructed scenes, I confront themes of desire, loss, dreams, interrupted ritual, and the navigation of intimacy. By using the viewer’s curiosity for what lies beyond the framework, I force them to rewrite the narrative within their own mind’s scope."

Rachel Dickson is a photographer and video artist from Reno, NV. Growing up her home allowed her an untethered connection to the high desert, sagebrush, coyotes, and alpine lakes. She began to make photographs as a way to navigate the land around her and incorporate the narratives within these spaces. After completing her BFA in her home town, she took a year off and began to further her exploration of the narrative with video work. After being accepted into the MFA program at University of Connecticut she began to expand her research into the realms of self, liminal space, the otherworldly, and dreams. Working closely still with photography, she is expanding her materials and medium to include video, sound, and installation pieces. 

Career Highlights

2021 University of Connecticut; Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art 
2017 University of Nevada, Reno; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Minor in Art History 
2015 University Studies Abroad Consortium; Università degli Studi della Tuscia; Viterbo, Italy 

2019 Being without Being; Group Exhibition; Alexey Von Schlippe Gallery; Avery Point, CT 
2018 As Luck May Have It; Solo Exhibition; Holland Project Serva Pool Gallery; Reno, NV 
2017 It’s Colder Than It Looks; BFA Thesis Exhibition; Student Galleries South; University of Nevada, Reno 
2016 Infinity; Annual Student Art Show; Student Galleries South; University of Nevada, Reno 
2016 Black Rock Press Annual Student Exhibition; McKinley Arts & Culture Center; Reno, NV 
2016 They Walk Among Us…; Group Exhibition; Pitch Black Printing Co.; Reno, NV 
2016 ArtBlast; Juried Group Exhibition and Art Fair; McKinley Arts Center; Reno, NV 
2016 Half-lit Against a Big Sky; Solo Exhibition; Eye Candy Salon; Reno, NV 2016 Through Fogged Glass; BFA Midway Exhibition; Student Galleries South; University of Nevada, Reno 
2016 I’m Only Sorry When I Miss the Train; Rachel Dickson and Emily Lopez; Old World Coffee; Reno, NV 
2015 Didn’t Go Home When I Was Supposed To; Solo Exhibition; Holland Project Micro Gallery; Reno, NV 
2014 Pop-up Art Exhibition; Group Small-Piece Show; Bibo Coffee Co.; Reno, NV 
2018-2019 Graduate Teaching Assistantship; University of Connecticut 
2017 Research Assistant; Professor Peter Goin; University of Nevada, Reno 2014 Summer of Sustainability Art Exhibition; Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, University of Nevada, Reno 

2016 Senza.; A Collaborative Zine by Rachel Dickson and Emily Lopez 
2016 Pars Pro Toto; A Collaborative Art Book; Black Rock Press; Reno, Nevada 2015 September Holland Project Show Print; Black Rock Press; Reno, Nevada 2015 I Only Know The Train Station; Self-Published 
2015 Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal; Edition 68 Vol. 1; University of Nevada, Reno 
2014 Photographer Rachel Dickson Provides a Feminist Response to Dating Situations; Bustle 
2013 Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal; Edition 66 Vol. 2; University of Nevada, Reno 

Awards, Grants, and Scholarships 
2017 College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Award for Performance and Artistry 
2016 Dean’s List Award; Spring 2016; University of Nevada, Reno 
2016 Best in Show & Philosopher’s Award; Infinity Student Art Show; University of Nevada, Reno; Reno, NV 
2015 Dean’s List Award; Spring 2015; University of Nevada, Reno 
2012 - 2016 Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship; Nevada State Treasurer; University of Nevada Reno